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Melvin: We get along fine! We visit every Labor day…

Timmy: Grandpa sure is an interesting character….(still nice though!)

Timmy: Seriously, a little after we were adopted, she didn’t care for any responsibilities. I had to be the older sibling, while she just played with her toys.

…should have posted this on the 14th but…

…should have posted this on the 14th but…

Some people have asked about villains. Surprisingly enough, I have a lot of ideas for baddies. I will try to include sketches of these characters with the questions answered (BTW this weeks questions will be answered tomorrow or sunday.). I feel really giddy about this, seeing how it feels like I’m introducing my head canon world to you all!

A few facts about Fever:

  • She used to be a ballet dancer.
  • She lives off of heat and smoke, which is why she’s sickly thin.
  • Her body is very light, that if you throw a punch, you wouldn’t know if you hit her or not. 
  • She is able to take a persons body heat, and use it to burn anything she touches.
  • She likes the heat from cooked ramen noodles. It’s her favorite. 
  • And yes, you can laugh at her name. I was not high I swear.


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